Anne Margolis on Home Births

00:00 I never convinced anyone to have to have a home, hospital or birth center birth. You know, they need to convince me that they want to have a home birth. A mother, needs to birth where she feels safe, right? But a lot, a lot of the advantages to having a home birth, um, are many. It could be, um, but, but they’re different for each person. You know, if a woman is going to feel safe and she feels secure in her home setting and she wants it on her own terms, she wants her acupuncture’s there, she wants her mother, her mother-in-law, um, or if she wants to, you know, have the freedom of movement around her entire house, you know, that’s, that’s her, that’s her domain. That’s where she feels safe, and that’s a huge benefit for her.

00:52 If a mother feels very frightened about going into the hospital, she’s just not going to labor well there. You know… she’s going to labor better in the home setting. Right? So it just restores that the humanity, the celebration, you know, and she can practice any sort of cultural, whatever, you know, culture or religious rituals or practices that are, that are meaningful to her. She has the freedom to really create her birth.

01:21 And then, you know, of course surrender to the process once she’s into it. Once she’s there. And home birth midwives we use protocols of safety. We are not that you see in the hospital, I worked as a hospital midwife. My hands were still tied by hospital procedures that were mandatory, obstetrical procedures that were mandatory. I mean, you know, like all, VBACs had to have an IV. Like I didn’t even, I didn’t have a say in that, right. Anyone whose water’s broken and they’re not in active Labor by 24 hours need to be induced. That was, that was just the policy. Right. And so at home, I don’t have an obstetric policy. I don’t have a hospital policy. I can practice authentic midwiferey. Right. Which is really in the best interest of the safety and well-being physically and psychologically for the mother and the baby and the family.