Dr. Jolene Brighten on Quality of Life over Quantity of Years

Dr. Jolene Brighten on Quality of Life over Quantity of Years 00:00 Is this something that’s been recognized in a lot of these cultures where they have these mind body practices? Maybe they have priests, maybe they have medicine women, maybe they have medicine men. Um, maybe they have a, you know, a temple that they visited, but you know, something that unifies all of them is a practice and a routine and a ritual.

00:18 This is much why I think we see like smoking and some of these addictive behaviors. What we’re all really looking for is our ritual. We’re all looking for that ritual, that routine that honors the self. Then we get kind of misguided and off track, but if we can bring it back to that place of what do I need to really move into that space of feeling most like myself and to connect to that higher power for some people? Yeah. Meditation, for some people that’s prayer or other people you know, they’re walking a stone path in a garden with just their thoughts to get into that mindfulness place.

00:51 Whatever it is for you. If you’re denying that part of your body, you’ll never truly heal yourself and you stand no chance at longevity or a rich and full life. Because when we talk about longevity, we shouldn’t be so short sighted or reductionistic to really define it as the number of years that we reach, right? I mean, great if we all make it to a hundred, but I’ll tell you, I’d be happier with making it to eighty knowing that I lived like my fullest life in complete resonance with myself and I showed up to do my mission that I was meant to do on this earth that I showed up and I walked my path and I, I did what I came for.

01:31 And so I just, I just want to frame it in that way because I think it’s really important for us to understand that, you know, although science will chase the actual quantity, we want to be looking at the quality. Who cares if I can extend to telomere, if I don’t smile, laugh, giggle, and enjoy every moment of my life every day.