Dr. Datis Kharrazian on Gene Expression

Dr. Datis Kharrazian on Gene Expression 00:00 So we’re all born with certain genes called the genotype right? And we get some from our mom and we get some from my dad and that’s our genotype. And genotype is what it is, but the thing with your genotype, all about how it gets expressed and then your diet, nutrition and lifestyle then make these genes express themselves, which is called the phenotype.

00:18 At any given time this is dynamic. This is happening all the time. So you can change your lifestyle, you can be a smoker and you’ll turn on some genes and they may create disease for you. The same time you can stop smoking and they can turn off some genes. Some genes, once you turn them on, don’t turn off some genes are dynamic to your diet and lifestyle–that turn on and turn off all the time.

00:37 And everything that’s been published now is really showing that it’s really about this thing called gene expression, which is really popular term, but basically everything you do has a gene expression effect.

00:48 It’s that simple. We just never thought about it that way from genes. So when you change your diet and change your microbiome, that changes all your gene expressions. If you’re constantly exposed to chemicals that changes your gene expression or how your genes activate in turn on, turn off.

01:03 At the end of the day, they’re always doing what we call gene expression. We’re just using these terms more often, but it’s just normal physiology. So when we look at the effects of environment on genes. The classic example and the best model to study them are the twin studies because they share a very similar genotypes.

01:21 So with twin studies, absolutely, if you have different environments you get a different outcome. You know, obviously we know that your genes are only part of the picture. How you change them or express them through the things you do in your life that really make all the difference. And when you look at these genes studies, there’s no question that an environmental factor, a diet lifestyle nutritional factor plays a role in who you become.