The Importance and “Magic” of Mother’s Milk – Kiran Krishnan

Kiran Krishnan 00:00 Breast milk is one of the most amazing natural compounds or foods that you can find. I always say it’s the only mammalian food that’s been perfected by evolution. Right? Women until this day are still making breastmilk because it’s absolutely necessary.

00:17 Literally the perfect food for baby. It was made by nature by our bodies for babies. It’s, it’s completely, and not only is it made for babies, but it’s made for your individual child. If they’re feeling unwell in any way, your body picks up on that through saliva, through the nipple, and it’s able to produce a perfect milk for them.

00:36 And despite how much research has been poured into infant formula since the early 1800s, they still today cannot match mother’s milk, right? But we have some of the best scientists and biggest companies working on this for over a hundred years and they still cannot match the nutrient potency of mother’s milk. Now, one of the aspects of mother’s milk that’s really important is the fact that it contains six to eight hundred different species of bacteria.

01:03 Mother’s milk is loaded with microbes. It’s one of the most microbial dense foods. And then the other thing it contains is up to 200 different oligosaccharides, which are prebiotics. And these prebiotics baby, a baby can’t even digest for energy. It’s there purely to help see the microbes that the baby has been exposed to and that’s coming in from mother’s milk. So the, the composition of mother’s milk and the exposure to mother’s milk is extremely important.

01:30 We now know that a bottle fed babies versus breastfed babies have a higher prevalence rate of metabolic disease, have a high prevalence rate of allergies, asthma, even things like type two diabetes, obesity and so on. We know that that impact of not having mother’s milk is something that can be realized for the lifetime of the child. You know, and it can start early childhood, develop allergies, asthma and all that early on. Or the child could end up being obese and their teens and later twenties and so on. And all of that stems from just not getting the right microbes through mother’s milk.