The Film

The Human Longevity Project is a documentary film series that will take you on an exciting journey around the globe, on a mission to discover the secrets of the longest-lived and healthiest populations on Earth.

THLP – Physical Pass

$299.00 $154.00

With the Human Longevity Project Physical Package, you'll get a beautiful DVD set of all 9 episodes and PDF printable transcripts (available online) of our expert videos. You'll also get a printed version of The Human Longevity Project Action Plan. Plus, you'll still get all of the full-length interviews delivered digitally online.


THLP – Digital Pass

$199.00 $97.00

The Human Longevity Project Digital Pass, you'll gain lifetime access to all 9 episodes. Plus, you'll get over 90 Expert Interview videos with digital transcripts, 20 Centenarian Interviews with digital transcripts, and a digital version of The Human Longevity Project Action Plan.


THLP – Digital & Physical Package

$399.00 $154.00

The Human Longevity Project Physical & Digital Package, you'll receive a DVD set and a Digital Pass to all 9 Episodes. You'll get the digital version of the transcripts of our Expert Interviews & a beautifully printed copy of The Human Longevity Project Action Plan.

The Supplements

The Human Longevity Project offers a tested range of supplements to complement your health.



MegaMucosa is the first complete mucosal support supplement of its kind, formulated to REBUILD a healthy mucosal barrier.




MegaPreBiotic™ is the first Precision Prebiotic™ supplement made up of clinically-tested, non-digestible oligosaccharides that can increase microbial diversity and selectively feed beneficial bacteria