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The Wisdom To Action Premium Course

$459.00 $197.00

The Wisdom to Action Micro-Learning Course is a guided blueprint that distills the amazing information from the elders and experts from the series, into highly actionable steps. PLUS: You get lifetime digital access to all 9 episodes of The Human Longevity Project. Plus you get MP3 audio files of each episode and transcripts of each episode.


THLP – Digital & Physical Package

$399.00 $154.00

Digital Pass and a DVD set of all 9 Episodes, with digital transcripts of all the Expert & Elder Interviews, and a beautifully printed copy of the 104+ Step Action Plan.


THLP – Digital Pass

$199.00 $97.00

Lifetime access to all 9 episodes, digital access to over 100 Interviews with the Experts and Elders, digital transcripts, and a digital version of the 104+ Step Action Plan.


THLP – Physical Pass

$299.00 $154.00

A beautiful DVD set of all 9 episodes, PDF transcripts of our expert videos, a printed version of the 104+ Step Action Plan, plus all full-length interviews delivered online!