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Finding Your Purpose and Learning How To Evolve With It – Gabrielle Reece, JP Sears

Finding Your Purpose and Learning How To Evolve With It - Gabrielle Reece, JP Sears

Finding Your Purpose and Learning How To Evolve With It – Gabrielle Reece, JP Sears 00:00 If someone says, Hey, my purpose would be to be a great parent, I think that’s an amazing purpose and simultaneously you have to transition with that purpose right? Because the purpose for 18 years is going to be different. So it’s also reminding people to adjust your purpose and be flexible within your purpose so that you don’t become disappointed or disenchanted or that it was like really great for 80 years and then you’re just kind of bummed the last 10 years, right? Like it’s like, who am I today? It’s sort of inner inventory and saying, who am I genuinely today as I sit here and what seems to interest me and excite me and what other things do I think I’d like to set as goals to create that purpose.

00:48 When it comes to finding our purpose that is so easy to say, like “go find your purpose, go find your purpose.” Like… it took me almost 3 seconds to say that sentence, but it’s a journey to find one’s purpose and I think even if we did find our exempt purpose today, guess what? It might change tomorrow. I think life, our life always wants to grow and evolve. I’ve never met a person who sat in a chair, thought about what their purposes and then connected with their purpose because they thought about it.

01:27 The people who I know who live on purpose and are genuinely fulfilled by what they do, they found their purpose because they were out there encountering probably a lot of failures, some successes, but it was like their feet walking the landscape of life. I think that’s what allows us to find the hidden treasure of our purpose. Otherwise we might be looking for our purpose where it’s not, which is our thinking. So you know the purpose of life probably isn’t to think about what the purpose of life is.

01:59 Purposes is a everything. If you said to me like, what are my hopes for my children besides good health and great intimate friendships and love, it’s that they find their purpose or their multiple purposes throughout their life. Because then you have a chance to express who you are and I don’t really know much of what we’re doing here.

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Dr. Daniel Kalish on Diet, Community, Movement and Purpose

Dr. Kalish on Diet, Community, Movement and Purpose

Dr. Daniel Kalish on Diet, Community, Movement and Purpose

00:00 Every one of these groups has figured out an anti-inflammatory diet, don’t seem to walk up and down hills a lot and get some exercise. They’re not doing Crossfit workouts, but you know, they’re walking up and down hills. They’re getting some calf stuff going on, and heart stuff going on and um, they have communities that they live in and he seemed to like the other people for the most part, they get along pretty well. And very importantly, not only the eating anti-inflammatory foods, but they have herbs or different specific plants that they consume to have very strong anti-inflammatory and gut restoring properties. And I know because we use these herbs in functional medicine in very concentrated and very large dosages.

00:49 Whereas these cultures seem to consume them on a daily basis, just a little bit to keep that microbiome in shape. Rather than letting the whole thing fall apart, having a total disaster and then trying to kill all the bad things and rebuild this with a bunch of probiotics, which is the more you think about it, the more mad it sounds and how I know just represents our whole culture, right? We’re a little off kilter here. Okay. Little bit.

01:14 Everyone that I work with that’s sick all my patients and honestly, most of the doctors that come into my training program initially, have pushed themselves emotionally and physically, have denied themselves spiritually, have denied themselves sleep. They’ve done everything they can in their power to get through life in a self-sacrificing way in terms of their health. And then this comes to an end when the person collapses and they can no longer go on. And that it just seems to be the way that our culture reacts to what should I do with my life as a question, you know, and that it’s really distorted.

01:57 I mean, I get it. I, you know, I totally get it. I may see this every day. I understand the motivation, but again, I think it comes back to this theme of like fundamentally feeling like we’re not worthy and that we were afraid that things aren’t OK and things can’t be OK and so it’s just going to keep pushing through it. And then the response to the early signs of sickness in imbalance are just push harder, you know? And that’s all that we know. And then at some point it collapses. The person gets sick and they come into my clinic and then we have to rebuild this shattered human being.