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The Secret to Radiant
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The Human Longevity Project takes you on an exciting journey around the globe, on a mission to discover the secrets of the longest-lived and healthiest populations on Earth.

Filmed over 2 years, in over 50 locations, in 9 countries, on 3 continents, this film covers the key lifestyle, environmental, and physiological components to prevent chronic disease, increase health span, and put the brakes on aging in our modern world.

96 World-Renowned

Health Experts

Preston Smiles

Author, Speaker and personal Freedom Coach

Stephanie Seneff

PhD - MIT Research Scientist

Paul Chek

Clinical Educator, Inventor, Founder of C.H.E.K. Institute

Kelly Brogan

Holistic Psychiatrist & NYT Best Selling Author

Gabby Reece

Author - Pro Beach Volleyball Champion

Dave Asprey

Biohacker, Health Entrepreneur

JP Sears

Emotional Healing Coach, Author and International Speaker

Sayer Ji

Founder of, Author, Speaker & Natural Health Expert

Keesha Ewers

Integrative Medicine Expert. Founder of the Academy For Integrative Medicine

Mark Hyman

Director of Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine

24 Elders

From Around the World

Giulio Podda


Marta Congia


Orestis Portelos


Georgios Stenos


Salvatore Scanu


Yannoula Kratzas


Tatsuo Kakinohana


Cristina Castillo

Costa Rica

Jose Santos Castillo

Costa Rica

Hideko Kamida